How Osteopaths Treat Back Pain

How Osteopathic Doctors Treat Back Pain

by: Analgesic Healthcare, Inc.

Back pains are extremely common and can become severe and incapacitating either in acute attacks or as chronic pain experienced over a long duration.You must first understand what is causing your back pain, for osteopathy treatment to be as successful as possible.

Some causes of back pains are;

.   Sitting for long hours

.   Incorrect posture

.   Injury

.   Recurring injury stress

If you already suffer from back pain, actions such as physical exertion, sicknesses, and emotional stress may trigger back pain. At times, a minor straining may cause a lot of pain and may also take longer to heal than expected.

When back pain becomes unbearable, Osteopathy can be helpful as a treatment alternative. Osteopathy doctors use the following methods to alleviate back pain, achieve an overall body balance, improve posture and let the body heal itself naturally.

Osteopathic manipulation

Osteopathic manipulation uses body massage techniques to manipulate the spinal tissue using hands and applying pressure next to the back muscles and facet joints.


The doctor raises the head or and pulls up the feet to reduce strain on the discs and nerves. The technique may give a pleasant sensation in the muscles and back.

Counter-force techniques

The osteopath applies some pressure against muscle, with the intention of helping it to release.  In this procedure, the patients are often required to move their muscles against the force.

Use of electrical pulses

The doctor may use electrical pulses to stretch and massage the body and spinal cord.

How does osteopathy work?

Osteopathy works naturally without using drugs. Long-term use of medication can damage organs such as the liver or lead to dangerous dependency. Osteopathy typically helps to treat back pains by restoring the correct functions of spinal muscles and bones.

The biggest advantage of osteopathy for back pain treatment is that it increases flexibility and movement. The technique reduces pain and rigidity in various parts of the body while alleviating muscle tension, followed by complete health recovery.

Research has shown that osteopathy for back pain can not only reduce the present back pain but can also prevent related pains in other parts of the body. If left untreated, back pains can produce pain in other body parts; a fact normally referred to as referral of pain, that may be long-term.

The wrong posture, recurring stress injuries and other types of damages to the back can also permanently change the manner in which bones, joints, and muscles operate.  Choose a qualified osteopath and adhere to the osteopath’s advice on posture, stretching, and other movements, so as to obtain the benefits of this treatment.