Employee Spotlight: Andy Almonte

Employee Spotlight: Andy Almonte

Left to right: Roy Edgerton, Analgesic Healthcare CEO, Andy Almonte, Business Intelligence Analyst

At Analgesic Healthcare, our employees are the backbone to the success of our company. Today we would like to take a moment to honor an employee we are very proud to call our own, Andy Almonte.

Andy Almonte, Petty Officer 3rd Class, US Navy Reserve, has been a part of the Analgesic Healthcare organization for 2 years. While attending college, Andy worked as a business intelligence analyst. Over the years, he was been very instrumental in contributing to the mission of Analgesic Healthcare.

After graduating from college, Andy left us for the Navy Reserve where he went through a lengthy selection process to work in the Intelligence arena. Andy credits his decision to join the Navy Reserve to his belief that “bad guys do bad things and we are needed to protect our country.” After completing the required Naval training, Andy was stationed at MacDill AFB and was able to return to work for Analgesic Healthcare. During that time, Andy also had the honor of meeting with the President of the United States.

As this quarter is coming to a close, Andy is gearing up for a special assignment and will be leaving us again in June of this year. We are beyond proud of Andy for the sacrifices he has made for our country’s safety and security. Andy, we sincerely thank you for supporting the vision and mission of Analgesic Healthcare.